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24 Hours In... South Austin

From unmissable murals to the best breakfast tacos, if you’re ready to explore the hidden gems of South Austin don’t leave home without our insiders guide.

To experience the real, independent and artistic heart of South Austin, you've got to take a trip to the area around South 1st Street. It’s a unique spot overflowing with owner-operated, independent-minded creative businesses and eateries.

“I’ve loved watching this place transform but maintain its down home feel,” says business owner Amelia Jane, who operates Amelia’s Retro-Rogue & Relics. “It’s walkable, there’s no corporate here, there’s amazing food, good coffee and bars. I feel really lucky to be in this house and have these cool neighbors who are really passionate about what they do.”

You could easily spend an entire weekend here and still not sample everything the area has to offer, but if you're feeling energetic (and have a healthy appetite) we've found a few must-dos during 24 hours in South Austin. 

Breakfast at...

Papalote Taco House 

Papalote Taco

Nothing puts a little spice in your morning quite like a breakfast taco. These Mexican-inspired specials are an Austin tradition. Papalote Taco House on South Lamar Street, run by three generations of Mexican women, is one of the finest. Plus they’re $1.95 each. Egg. Meat. Cheese. Tortilla. Salsa. The list goes on. 

Dress up at...

Amelia’s Retro-Vogue & Relics

Amelia's Retro Rogue and Relics

We’ve never seen so many vintage stores in one place. Start at Amelia’s Retro-Vogue & Relics on South 1st Street and work your way up. New Brohemia, sister store to Bohemia, is also a great spot for the gentleman retro shopper.

Soak up...

Old Slackerville

Old slackerville

Located behind Amelia’s store is Old Slackerville. This collection of shacks includes some amazing studios and workspaces, an audio technician who toured with some of the greats, and even a blacksmith. 

Shop at...

End of an Ear

Chicago Divy bikes

There are plenty for options for vinyl spinners in Austin, but our favorite is End of an Ear on South 1st Street. It’s got that ‘Empire Records’ feel and the staff will talk your ear off. There’s a killer selection of new and older material, and they like to play Maiden nice and loud. 


The Cathedral of Junk

Cathedral of junk

Tucked away in a backyard in South Austin, is the Cathedral of Junk. It’s a three-story structure adorned with bicycles, bottles, bowling balls and everything in between. Vince Hammerman has been lovingly piecing it together with found and foraged items since the late 80s. Call for an appointment at Trash Vegas, Austin. We’d give you the number and location, but where’s the fun in that? 

Lunch with...

Four Brothers 

Four Brothers

There are few limits to the range of international eats available in South Austin’s thriving food trailer community. The Four Brothers Venezuelan truck is a highlight. 

Get some sugar at...

Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop 


OK, so you’re probably pretty full right now, but what kind of person says no to a cupcake? Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop has some tasty offerings. We had a Hemmingway - a creamy vanilla sponge topped with key lime frosting, dusted with crushed graham crackers. 

Hunt down...

Bill Murray 

Bill Murray mural

Street art is an integral part of Austin’s independent charm and there are dozens of one-of-a-kind murals. The most famous is the ‘Welcome to Austin’ mural, but fans of Bill Murray swarm to see the homage to Caddyshack at The Criquet Clubhouse. 

Grab a coffee from...

Once Over Coffee Bar 

Once over coffee bar

Feeling weary from all the shopping and overindulgence? Step inside the hip Once Over Coffee Bar for a refreshing jolt of java. This Austin hot spot has some seriously potent espresso to supercharge the rest of your day. There’s also a secret deck around the back that hangs over the creek. 

Get creative at...



CRAFT store at the north end of South 1st Street is an awesome walk-in space that's just waiting for you to unleash your artistic side. Pay a flat rate of $10 for an hour and they’ll provide you with all of the raw materials and tools you need to get creative. 

Craft paints

Drink at...


Craft paints

The Austin Beer Garden and Brewery (ABGB) is a must-do for craft beer fans. Its beers are brewed exclusively on the premises, so it doesn’t come fresher. They have a whole lot of space, a great bar venue, regular live music and, yep, great local beer. The Day Trip pale ale is a winner. 

Get inked at...

Gully Cat 

Craft paints

To commemorate your travels, you could stop by one of South Austin’s many excellent tattooists. Gully Cat on South 1st Street comes very highly rated.