DIY: Indoor Hanging Garden

5 simple steps

Do you long to call yourself a gardener, but live on the sixth floor? Even if you have little to no outdoor space, you can still grow seasonal herbs, plants and flowers with a vertical garden. Buy a few of your favorite indoor plants and give this hanging garden a try.

What you'll need:

6 equal sized squares of wood, approx. 1 inch thick by 8 inch square


6 screw top Mason jars

48 screw-in hooks

1 large skyhook

12 equal pieces of metal chain or rope



Tape measure


Protective eyewear


1. Using a pencil and ruler, mark the center of your piece of wood. Using a tape measure, measure the circumference of the middle of your jars. NOTE: You’ll need to find jars that are wider at the top than in the middle.                                                

2. Mark out the circumference of your jars onto each piece of wood using a protractor and pencil. Using your jigsaw, cut this circle out of the wood. These pieces of wood will now become a platform for your Mason jar.

3. Screw a hook into the opposite corners of each piece of wood, both top and bottom, except the final piece - where you only screw hooks in the top

4. Decide where you want to display your hanging garden and fix a skyhook in place. Slot your potted Mason jars into each platform.

 5. Connect each platform using the chain or rope, starting with the top section and working your way down.

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