Behind The Scenes with MarkMakers Sonnymoon

The music duo share their working process.

"We’re looking to the past and we’re sponging certain things as we listen and taking different techniques… we just put it together to make a new product."

Sonnymoon is a thoroughly Boston band even if they're now based in Brooklyn — Dane Orr and Anna Wise met at the legendary Berklee College of Music. Wise, who studied singing, and Orr, who studied saxophone, happened to move into adjacent rooms in the same apartment; Orr heard Wise singing and the rest is history.

Sonnymoon's MO is pairing lush, blippy electronic sounds with Wise's shape-shifting vocals, which flutter from ethereal to quirkily experimental to everything in between, often in the same track. 

Their sound is mysterious and hypnotic due to their individualistic approach to computers, keyboards and use of vocals. There's also another feather in the Sonnymoon cap: Wise's work with Kendrick Lamar  - she provided both general backing and featured vocals for both the rapper's debut and sophomore albums. Lamar heard Sonnymoon's "Nursery Boys," and the rest, again, is history.