Mark Makers Los Angeles

Los Angeles at Sunrise: The Final MarkMaker Stop

As our MarkMakers say goodbye at the end of their road trip with an early morning visit to the Santa Monica Mountains, they pause to enjoy a moment in their element in the City of Angels. 

Our four MarkMakers, artist Amanda Valdez, photographer Kevin Russ, and creative agency and style duo Travis Gumbs and Joshua Kissi of Street Etiquette ended their road trip at sunrise at the Hollywood Bowl Scenic Overlook.

The famous spot, tucked away in the Santa Monica Mountains off of Mulholland Drive, offers sprawling views of Los Angeles, from downtown LA all the way to the ocean. For their final stop, our MarkMakers visited at dawn to take in the quiet beauty of the city as it wakes up. 

Los Angeles MarkMakers

Good morning, Los Angeles. The morning light over the City of Angels is spectacular and brimming with new-day wonder. 

LA MarkMakers

After a winding drive through the hills at 5am, Josh and Travis from Street Etiquette soak up the sights from the famous vantage point.

LA Markmakers

MarkMaker artist Amanda Valdez looks out onto the first rays of sunlight over LA. She uses her satchel, a Wingate Small Leather Bag, to stash her essentials for spontaneous sunrise adventures (she prefers hers in Artisan Gold).

LA MarkMakers

Travis Gumbs of Street Etiquette takes a moment to appreciate the end of the MarkMaker road trip journey.

LA MarkMakers

Photographer Kevin Russ and Travis Gumbs of Street Etiquette share a laugh over coffee (a must-have for dawn patrol) in the early morning light. 

LA MarkMakers

A stunning view is the perfect backdrop to finish off the MarkMaker road trip spanning Chicago to Los Angeles. It may be the end, but it isn’t goodbye - stay in touch with our MarkMakers and follow their journeys with #MarkMakers on Twitter and Instagram. Share your own journey with #inmyelement.