Kevin Russ - iPhone

MarkMaker Masterclass – 6 photography tips from Kevin Russ

These days the only tool a talented photographer needs is a smartphone. Timberland MarkMaker Kevin Russ more often than not shoots using just his trusty iPhone, so we asked him for a few tricks and tips on how to get the best smartphone photographs possible. Take it away, Kevin… 

Kevin Russ - Canyon

1. “Back up and get some context (even into a bush or behind a tree). I love to see the foreground and what's happening right around you instead of only what's in the distance.” 

2. “Take lots of photos at different exposures so when you're editing you can get the photo just how you want it.” 

Kevin Russ Boneyard

3. “Try and find out some history of where/what you're shooting, or talk to someone in the area to help connect you with the scene, and your photographs will mean more to you.” 

4. “Spend time taking it in and don't just start shooting. Instead just feel, observe and think about what is moving you, and then try and capture that in a photo.” 

Kevin Russ - Boneyard

5. “If the colors aren't coming out right, try shooting using the VSCO Cam® app (for iPhone or Android) pointing your camera away from the scene and locking the white balance. It can make for some really great results.” 

6. “Don't look at your phone constantly while shooting. It will help you to create compositions you wouldn't necessarily think of and can yield great results.”