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Crosstown Collection: Two Pre-Fall Looks For Men

Ramp up your men’s wardrobe with our early fall collection.

Autumn Casual

Autumn is prime time for rich colors and darker hues. Hit the streets in Men’s Locke Lack Straight Fit Chino Pants, our Saco River Slim Fit Striped Oxford Shirt (or a basic tee) and City Shuffler Suede Chukkas. Warm enough to stave off the chill but not too heavy for warmer days. Watch the video above to see how we styled it.

Campus Classic

Mens Crosstown Outfit Two

We created a contemporary campus look by pairing an old-school sweater, like our Knox River Slim Fit Crew Neck Sweater with a classic blue striped shirt. Add red Men’s Locke Lake Straight Fit Chino Pants and the Revenia Suede Chukkas in a neutral grey (coming soon) that go with anything. You can't go wrong with this look from August to October.

Smart Casual

Mens Crosstown Outfit Three

For slightly dressier events, slip into the Mendon Peak Blazer with some selvage denim and  City Shuffler Suede Chukkas.  The workwear pants give a touch of ruggedness to a smart outfit, making it a nice, relaxed mix of styles.

Respectable? Check. Masculine? Check. Date night appropriate? Check. Coolest guy in the room? Probably.

Want to see how the clothes look on? Watch our co-worker (and part-time model) in action below. 

Interested in how to get the whole sockless look down? We've got a style guide for that.