Recycled Brooklyn: How to Build a Desk

Recycled Brooklyn: How To Build a Desk

From door to desk in six steps

“When you see something as beautiful as an old oak door being thrown into the landfill, you can’t help but try to find a new use for it. In our case, that new use was the desk that launched our business.” - Recycled Brooklyn.

If you’re ready to try your hand at upcycling, here’s their simple, six-step guide to building your own desk.

Step 1

Your door will eventually become the top of your desk, so a solid-core door is best because it's usually made from a hardwood like oak, and will have loads of nice character and patina.

Step 2

We use large salvaged pallets. Take a trip to your local supermarket, factory or chain store – they’ll have them in spades. Again, oak pallets are best because they're hardwood and will be stronger.

Step 3

Disassemble the pallets. You want the thicker center pieces, so don't worry if you damage the exterior slats along the way. Next, arrange the pieces on the ground and mark the angles you’ll need to cut to make the legs level. You want the base to be 26 to 29 inches tall – a standard desk is 30 inches tall, but with this design you need to account for the thickness of the door.

Step 4

Use a simple handsaw to cut the angles you've marked on a workbench. Take your time and mind those fingers.

Step 5

Once you’ve cut the pieces, use a hammer and nails or a drill and screws to put the pieces together. Position the bases on the door and screw them down.

Step 6

Add a piece of tempered glass over the door – a glass company can tell you what thickness is best. And you’re done – from a door, a desk is born.

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