Story of an Icon: The Leather Jacket

Meet the Mount Webster Leather Bomber.

As the go-to outerwear piece for musicians and motorheads alike, a leather jacket instantly injects some edge into your wardrobe.

It's timeless aesthetic and position as a style staple is undisputed.

With the spotlight on James Dean in the 1950s, the leather jacket quickly reached iconic status. The embodiment of restless youth, Dean’s clothes were defiantly casual – jeans, a t-shirt and a perfectly distressed black leather biker jacket. The look set the template for outsider style and became a blueprint for ‘the rebel.’

Today the leather jacket remains the investment of choice for those looking to channel their inner renegade or go for an understated cool style. Whether you love them for their timeless appeal or ability to keep out the elements, the leather jacket is still the number one essential for a classic look.

This season, we’re going back to basics and introducing the Mount Webster Leather Bomber - a beautifully constructed jacket with enduring style.

Back when cockpits were unheated and open to the elements, pilots needed a jacket that kept them warm without restricting their movements. The resulting design was the bomber jacket - a surprisingly cool silhouette that also defended against the cold.

Endlessly versatile and flattering thanks to its cropped casual shape, the Mount Webster Leather Bomber can be dressed up as easily as it can be thrown on with jeans and sneakers.

Cut from premium leather, which is both supple and durable, it’s finished with a practical ribbed collar and belted hem to keep warmth in and the wind out.

The Mount Webster Leather Bomber is
 the perfect everyday jacket designed to be comfortable and stylish. The more you wear it, the more it gives back - so wear it well.

As a smart man once said, “One leather jacket solves the coat problem for years.” That man was Albert Einstein, and we think he was onto something.

In our humble opinion, we think leather jackets are even better when paired with rugged boots. Here’s why.