Edison Thorton Euro Hiker

Expert Advice: The Trick To Stylish Hiking Boots

Edison Gonzalon shows us how it’s done

In this series, top style bloggers show us their favorite ways to wear Timberland gear. Edison Gonzalon of HeIsEdison tells us how to wear the Thorton Hiking Boot

Before you get a peek at what I’ve put together while styling the Thorton Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot, let me tell you a little about these boots.

The first thing you need to know is they are super comfortable. They’re specially made for people who spend long days on their feet using “Anti-Fatigue Technology” built into the soles. Which makes them, and I’ll say it again, COMFORTABLE.

Not only that, but they’re stylish. Don’t be fooled by the “hiking” label because I’m a city boy and these are definitely now in my shoe rotation. It’s versatile, lightweight, and stylish making this the boot for fall.

Bonus: They’re waterproof which makes them great for any weather. 

Street Smart

This first look is my favorite. In this one I’m wearing the boots with the Allendale River Double Layer Plaid Shirt in black iris. The red and blue plaid button down shirt with the boots gives this a street style vibe, which I complemented with black jogger pants and a black oversized tee.

What’s great about this look is that it’s so versatile and it’s an all day outfit – you can wear it just as easily for Monday morning errands to Friday night movies with the guys or date night.

Outdoor Casual

That said, if you want to rock the boots hiking, you definitely can. Like I’ve mentioned before, they’re super comfortable which allows you to be on your feet on any terrain.

Along with the Thorton boots, I’m also wearing this Timberland Bellamy River Fleece Vest and jeans. The vest keeps me warm on those cool breezy nights for an outfit that’s as comfortable as it is stylish. 

Day and Night Out

Last but not least, I love dressing up these boots for a day out. I matched the boots with a purple T-shirt and distressed jeans to keep it cool. Add a black blazer and you’re officially “dressed up.” I’d wear this for happy hour after work and late night cocktails.

And there you have it – three easy and very stylish looks with these versatile boots.

Just for hiking? I don’t think so. 

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