Summer Drink

Summer Series: The Beginning

Our guide to starting summer off right will have you jamming to the best tunes, reading your new favorite travel book, sipping on summer drinks and looking effortlessly stylish. 

We can safely assume that hot weather is here to stay for the next few months which means it’s time to grab your sunglasses, sunscreen, swimsuit and head outside stat. As for the rest of your needs? Leave it to us.

Here’s our curated guide to ease you into the beginning of summer: 


The latest Alabama Shakes album. “Sound and Color” came out last month and has been hailed as daring and original. The rock band from Alabama have created an album that’s supercharged and will be a great soundtrack for your backyard shindig or cruisin’ in the sunshine (car dancing is optional, but strongly encouraged). “Don’t Wanna Fight” is an excellent introduction for new listeners. You can also catch them live later - their summer tour begins at the end of May.

Tallest Man On Earth

For a mellow summer drive or quieter evening, put on The Tallest Man on Earth, who just released his second much-anticipated folk album “Dark Bird Is Here.” If you’re not familiar with the 32-year-old Swedish songwriter, Kristian Matsson is a modern day Bob Dylan with a sweeter voice.

He’s currently on an extensive tour from now until September hitting 14 US states and major hubs in Europe. Get the album (full of indie folk gems) and find out more about his tour here.



Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to The Art of Long-Term World Travel by Rolf Potts. In his first book, the life-long traveler and writer explains his philosophy regarding travel  - it’s not about a temporary escape but a life dedicated towards adventure and passion.

It’s the ultimate book to get you ready for your summer travels, so add it to the top of your summer reading list if you want to be inspired. Hint: find your passport because you’re going to want to use it immediately.


Women's Summer Clothes

Your first summer outfit. It’s prime time to break out a pair of sandals and for the ladies, we like the Sheafe Leather Thong Sandals which come in several color combinations (as well as black for those who like to keep it simple). We also love the Classic 2-Eye Amherst Boat Shoes or our Hookset Handcrafted Canvas Boat Shoes that are perfect for days and nights outdoors.

For a relaxed look, we recommend the Palmer River Linen T-shirt and since cool evenings can sneak up on us this early in the season, we suggest packing the Reddington Quill Jacket which is light but substantial enough to keep you warm on summer nights. Throw your sunglasses, summer reading and tunes into the classic Canobie Leather Shopping Bag and you’re good to go. 

Men's Summer Clothes

For men, the beginning of summer means the start of shorts season. From bright colors, to patterns, to plain cargo shorts, we’ve got enough variety to wear a different pair every day for a month. Pair them with an item from our wide selection of boat shoes, and if you’re looking for something more unique, there’s always the option to design your own. Our custom form allows you to pick your preferences for leather, lace and stitch colors, as well as the type of sole you prefer.


Summer Drink

Refreshing summer beverages. We happen to love this fruity recipe made using craft vodka. For an added twist, infuse the vodka yourself by adding a handful of your favorite fruits (grapefruit and mint work well together) into a mason jar 2-5 days beforehand.

Combined with the below ingredients, this is perfect for hot days and balmy evenings. It’s also a great accompaniment to your first (or second or third) summer barbecue.


Summer Berry Mint Cocktail (makes 6) 

12 oz. of your favorite craft vodka (straight or infused)

6 tsp sugar syrup

30 raspberries (or your favorite berry)

24 oz soda water

3 lemons

a large bunch of mint leaves


Pour vodka over ice in a pitcher. Add sugar syrup and lemon juice. Top with soda water and stir. Grab your favorite collection of glasses (who says they need to match) and throw in a handful of raspberries and a few mint leaves and muddle. Pour pitcher contents into glasses and enjoy with friends. Preferably on a deck or patio at sunset, but that’s totally up to you.

And if you’re abstaining from alcohol, swap the booze for your favorite fresh-squeezed juice.

Final step? Toast to the arrival of summer. It’s here at long last.