Summer Series: Picnic Picks


While the days are still hot, nothing beats a picnic as an excuse to get outdoors.

Head out for a lazy afternoon or weekend to catch up on your favorite magazine, soak up the rays and drink an Arnold Palmer, the mocktail that combines cold, unsweetened iced tea mixed with sweetened lemonade.
In case that sounds too complicated, here’s our easy guide to a fail-proof picnic.

Step 1

Pack everything into your favorite bag.

We favor the Seacoast Canvas Deck Tote for women for its summery feel and how easy it is to throw everything in or use the Canobie Leather Shoulder Bag which is so versatile that it goes with most outfits. For men, we like the Original 27-Liter Water Resistant Backpack - particularly handy if you’re carrying 27 liters of picnic beverages. 

Step 2

Decide on what shoes to wear.

For women who want a sturdy sandal, try the Women’s Sheafe Leather Fisherman Sandals but for a more summery vibe, go for the Women’s Sheafe Leather Thong Sandals. Whether you’re picnic-ing near water or not, the Women’s Classic Amherst 2-Eye Boat Shoes in mauve, apricot, or tan are easy to slip on and off for a casual afternoon.

Step 3

Choose the best pair of shorts.

Step 4

Roll around.

Probably the most important step of the picnic. The pug is optional, but highly recommended. 

Step 5

Lounge, read and play summer tunes.

But first keep the sun off your face with an Organic Cotton Baseball Hat, which is soft enough to be comfortable but tough enough to endure a lot of wear and tear. If you’re biking to your picnic, slip on the Men’s Hookset Handcrafted Shoes with a basic T-shirt like the Men’s Solid Slub Jersey Pocket T-Shirt in dark blue. 

We paired our picnic afternoon with the latest issue of Monocle Magazine for the latest on current world trends and design inspiration. To relax, peruse Kinfolk, a publication out of Portland devoted to appreciating the simple things in life. Listen to tunes from indie folk rock band The Mountain Goats.

Joan Didion’s The White Album, a collection of essays, is great reading for the more intellectually inclined picnic-goers, but if you find yourself straying into too-serious territory, repeat Step 4 immediately. No picnic is complete without it.

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