Tone on Tone Collection: Henry Hargreaves

Tone on Tone Collection: Henry Hargreaves

When inspiration strikes

Inspiration can come from unusual places. Books, music, nature, or even ….your favorite takeaway food?

One such photographer who finds inspiration in food is Henry Hargreaves, known for his colorful and creative work in food photography.

The photographer took our latest range of classics in the Tone on Tone Collection, as inspiration to create a set of photographs playing with the palette of the boots.

The native New Zealander told us about his travel essentials, what inspires him and why his favorite subjects are edible.

You’re an art photographer who loves to shoot food. What’s the appeal?

It doesn't talk back and you can eat it after! Also it’s something everyone can relate to or has an opinion of if they have tasted it.

How did you get started as a photographer and when did you first start using edible subjects?

I began shooting around 10 years ago, I started doing luxury still life but the products were so hard to come by. By comparison, the supermarket had so much attainable subject matter at a cheap price – and I was so inspired by what I saw!

How did you approach this project and can you discuss the creative process?

I usually like to look at design, illustration and other things that get me thinking in different ways about taking a picture.

So with these two-tone boots, we thought about the colorways, how they could be described, how they would look, what would complement them. 

The blue and blueberries pairing is obvious, but we wanted to make a beautiful shot, so we pulled in the branches and made it look more like a painting than a photograph.

The beef and broccoli with the mountains and the cows is more tongue-in-cheek. We wanted strong, different images but still have the ability to place them next to each other without them feeling like complete strangers.

What are some of your favorite foods to work with and why?

Jello, it has so many forms it can take, it connects with my nostalgia for my youth and it always puts a smile on people’s faces.

Are you drawn to collaborations?

Yes, I am. I just like working with other people, because then I feel like you get results you don’t usually find if you work by yourself. You can work on each other’s strengths and help alleviate each other’s weaknesses.

What’s inspiring you right now?

Being in New York and being surrounded by a whole lot of people, constant stimulation and trying to keep myself open-minded and not stuck in any ruts. 

What are your on-the-road essentials?

I always take my computer, my phone and an app that shows me where coffee shops are. I collect coffee cups, so wherever I go I try to find really cool coffee shops. 

I always take a nice shirt because you never know when you’re going to have to get a little dressed up.

When I think of Timberland, I think of:  a really nice pair of waterproof boots my uncle had when I was a kid – they made me want to get old enough to be able to get my own pair.

Currently listening to: Thom Yorke’s latest album

Currently reading: “Dinner With Churchill” by Cita Stelzer

I always wear: Stripey tops

My creative spirit animal is: For some reason a squirrel just popped into my head.

We already know how you imagined three pairs of two-tone Timberland classics. What food would you pair these clothing items with?

Blue jeans = seaweed

White tee = pomegranate

Tweed vest = granola

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