Your Favorite Fall Outfit

Expert Advice: Your Favorite Fall Outfit

Esther Lee heads to Colorado in her Bramhall boots to experience the colors of fall

In our style column, top style bloggers show us their favorite ways to wear Timberland gear. Esther Lee shows us how she wears the Bramhall Leather + Wool 6-Inch Boots.

Living in Los Angeles, I’ve been raised to believe that we have it all: year-round perfect weather, beaches, mountains, deserts, forests… There are rarely any other places in this world where you can surf in the morning and head to the mountains to snowboard in the afternoon.

But I love escaping LA’s hot weather for crisp fall weather elsewhere.

I decided to pack my Bramhall Leather-Wool 6-Inch Boots and head to Colorado. They’re superlight and stylish, but designed with comfort in mind.

Once you touch down in Denver, you feel an immediate difference. I love the crisp weather, the fresh air and being in the mountains.

Something magical happens during autumn here – something I’ve never experienced before in Los Angeles. The leaves turn into gorgeous reds, oranges and yellows.

I strapped on my Bramhall Leather-Wool 6-Inch Boots, zipped up my Mount Cabot Waterproof Jacket in dark green and made the three-and-a-half hour trek to Aspen, CO. (When I say ‘trek’, I mean sleep in the backseat while the guys take turns driving).

My jacket and boots made the transition from the bustling city of Denver to the calm mountains of Aspen a breeze due to their versatility.

I looked right at home at the local coffee shop downtown but still able to fit in with the outdoor crowd at the Maroon Bells peaks.

There are many words to describe what I saw on the road to describe the beauty of Colorado but I will leave you with one: ridiculous.

The Aspen trees exploded with vibrant yellows. There’s so much wildlife, too – mountain goats, rams, marmots, bison, and elk, just roaming the hills without a care in the world.

And after everyone went to bed, the Milky Way lit up the sky. Luckily, I had my Seymours River Merino Wool Swacket (that’s a sweater jacket) to keep me warm for the night.

If you ever get a chance to visit Colorado during the fall, make sure to go. And don’t forget to pack your boots, a warm, stylish sweater and a waterproof jacket.

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