Sneaker Boots Flyroam

FlyRoam: Heart of a Boot, Soul of a Sneaker

Timberland is steeped in a heritage of durable, well-crafted and versatile footwear. The new FlyRoam collection is no different in that sense, but it takes on a much lighter approach thanks to the comfort and high energy return of the new Aerocore™ energy system. The sport-inspired outsole paired with craftsmanship and versatile design blends the best of both worlds. It has the heart of a boot that Timberland’s known for, and the innovation of an aerodynamic sole that keeps you light and fast on your feet.

We talked to Chris Mondelli, the designer behind the innovative Aerocore™ energy system featured exclusively in the new FlyRoam collection. She led a team that drew inspiration largely from the active consumer, who’s looking for casual comfort for everyday wear. These aren’t your Grandpa’s boots, that’s for sure.

Sneaker Boots Flyroam

Where did the inspiration from FlyRoam come from?

We were influenced by today’s consumers’ lifestyle and their expectation that shoes need to keep up with their busy, on-the-go day. They want that badass boot feeling from Timberland, but aren’t always looking to wear big leather boots—especially in the warmer months. We wanted to re-define what a “boot” could be from Timberland and give them something that works year-round.

How is this a departure from more traditional Timberland styles?

We’re commonly known as the one of the best in the boot business. Most folks don’t expect to see us make shoes that wear like a sneaker, and that’s the biggest departure. We’ve been innovating in footwear since the beginning with our yellow boot, and this is no different. We wanted to push ourselves to explore versatility in a new way, make a shoe that’s lighter, and provides energy-return to the wearer with every step. People are living more casual lives and we wanted to deliver a product that lets them feel confident and comfortable no matter the situation.

Sneaker Boots Flyroam

How does the design help people explore more?

Simply put, we used our years of experience making rugged, durable footwear, and we slimmed it down by using strong, lightweight materials and construction. In the FlyRoam collection we’ve built designs that span a number of wearing occasions from a casual office to an urban escape. These shoes are perfect for discovering new places. 

Are you using new materials or new technology in these new shoes?

We developed new lightweight leathers and textiles especially for the FlyRoam collection. These materials are half the weight than what we would normally use in our boots. The Aerocore™ energy system is a blend of several lightweight, durable materials that provides energy-return and cushioning.

Sneaker Boots Flyroam

Where do you see them being worn?

Exploring in the city, concerts, festivals, a night out, anywhere really (except for hard core trail or hiking activities) - the FlyRoam is super adaptable.

How do the shoes capture the desire for people to explore, without borders?

These shoes are made for people who have an active daily life. People who don’t want their footwear to hold them back. The FlyRoam collection is meant to be worn round the clock in almost any occasion. We’re happy to put something out there that’s earned the stamp of the tree logo, and lets people embrace adventure…all-the-while feeling and looking good.

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