Behind the Scenes + Made to Flex: Jacob Pinto

Timberland | Made to Flex | Jacob Pinto

Meet Jacob Pinto, a Martial Arts Tricker who helped put our Killington oxfords to the ultimate test. We caught up with Jacob behind the scenes to chat about what goes into tricking, and his need to flexible while working on set.

If you’ve never seen Martial Arts Tricking before, prepare to be blown away. At just 20 years old, LA native Jacob Pinto could probably kick your ass. A combination of basic karate, choreography, and gymnastics make tricking an extremely unique sport. “It’s a hobby I created into a career,” Jacob tells Timberland. “I got into tricking through martial arts when I was just 6 years old.”

Jacob Pinto

Inspired by his co-competitors and mentors, Jacob’s dedication to training has really paid off. His ability to freestyle is limitless, and it’s important his gear is the same, which is why we asked Jacob to test out our SensorFlex™ comfort system in a pair of Killington Oxfords. Designed with premium leather and knit details, these oxfords don’t weigh Jacob down when he’s flipping through the air. It’s safe to say nobody will be messing with this guy.

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