Behind the Scenes + Made to Flex: Keone & Mari Madrid

Timberland | Made to Flex | Keone & Mari

We sat down with the powerhouse dance and choreography couple, Keone and Mari Madrid, to talk about their careers and constant need to be flexible; in life, in dance, and in footwear. Powered by the SensorFlex™ comfort system, our Killington chukkas and Kenniston boots make a pretty attractive duo.

And the cutest couple goes to….

Meet Keone and Mari Madrid, a husband and wife duo who were brought together through the power of dance. What started as low-production videos uploaded to YouTube, turned into millions of views and many opportunities for the San Diego based choreographers.

Keone and Mari

“There’s been a lot of situations in our lives where we’ve had to pivot and go a different direction, specifically in our careers of dance” says Keone when asked about their need to be flexible.  “We were this close to not going in that direction, but something happened, and we pursued what we love.”

Keone and Mari

“If it’s something you can imagine, and your body can actually go there and try that...” says Mari, “...that’s freedom. Flexibility physically and mentally gives you freedom.”

Keone and Mari

The couple’s dance style is intensely connected, incorporating moments of hip-hop and quirky jazz into a seamless duet. We wanted to see the couple’s chemistry for ourselves, both onstage and off, which is why we invited the Madrids to try out our SensorFlex™ comfort system. Keone rocked our Killington Chukkas while Mari twirled around in a pair of the Kenniston 6” lace up boots. We think they’re solemates.

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