Behind the Scenes + Made to Flex: Loic Mabanza

Timberland | Made to Flex | Loic Mabanza

When you’re Madonna’s right-hand man, you can’t sacrifice comfort for style. We sat down with Loic Mabanza to talk about his career while testing out our Killington Hikers powered by our SensorFlex™ comfort system.

What does it take to become Madonna’s right-hand man? A lot of talent, apparently, and Loic Mabanza has enough to go around.

killngton hiker

For a man who has never taken a class in his life, this self-taught dancer has achieved major success since moving from France to pursue his dreams, “If you’re flexible in your mind, you are able to achieve amazing things…beautiful things.”

killngton hiker

When he’s not dancing, Loic is creatively expressing himself elsewhere. He also has a successful career as model, actor, and writer, which means style and comfort are key for his day-to-day lifestyle.

killngton hiker

Sporting our Killington Leather Hiker, Loic busts out some signature moves across our studio to show off just how malleable our SensorFlex™ comfort system really is. Not bad for a boot.

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