Expert Advice: On the Road

Escaping the City

In our style column, blogger Lauren Gould of The Marcy Stop takes her Glancy Boots and Belknap Biker Jacket for a spin in Long Island, NY.

For me, life is one big adventure, whether I’m running late to a meeting in the city and dodging passerby to get there on time, making plans with friends to check out that fab new brunch spot downtown, or plotting my next getaway home to LA, upstate or abroad. Because I’m so used to jumping from one experience to the next, my #ModernTrail is all about making the most of the tiny moments in-between, and connecting with people you meet along the way.

So when Timberland offered to take me and my friend & fellow blogger Erica Lavelanet on a quick weekend road trip, I was all-in from the start. 

In an effort to pack light, I reached first for my trusted Glancy Mixed-Media Boots, knowing they would hold up in any weather and could easily be dressed up or down for day or night because of their slight heel. I then rounded out my look with the sleek Belknap Leather Biker Jacket and the Bellows Falls Leather Handbag, both of which wound up being as functional as they are fashion-forward. The jacket is super soft, sturdy and endlessly warm, and I love the asymmetric zipper and slightly weathered feel, which lends it that vintage moto vibe and make it a true staple piece for your girl on-the-go.

Our plan? Head East to Long Island using Port Jefferson as our base to explore its quiet coastline and small towns. The area has a rich history of boating and local crafts and we were eager to submerge ourselves in it all. 

In the end, I never could have predicted all the fun & memorable experiences we would have along the way. Equipped with a general itinerary of what we wanted to see and do, it wasn’t long until we discovered that the road best traveled is that of spontaneity. We were non-stop all weekend, going from meeting local fishermen and lunching on their fresh-caught crab, to touring a local brewery and sampling its craft beers, to exploring a modern-day boatyard where they build and repair old yachts, to dining at some amazing farm-to-table restaurants and even visiting a small livestock farm. Everywhere we turned was a refreshing reminder of the creativity, ingenuity and craft that exists behind life’s everyday experiences. 

Bottom line? The adventure is out there, you just have to go find it for yourself!

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