Posted September 24, 2018

Classic Style. Reimagined For Today.

By: @Mcarthurjoseph

When it comes to describing my style, “classic” is usually one of the first words that come to mind. In fact, that might be the case for most people! While I’m certainly rooted in some age-old staples and favorites, I do like adding a trendy twist to my everyday outfits. 

 Every guy looks great in a well-fitted, white t-shirt and a solid pair of blue jeans. I, however, decided to turn this look up a bit. With fall quickly approaching, I decided to pair my with this rich red jacket to add some flair to a laid-back look. 

These shoes are definitely a new take on the classic Timberland 1978 Hiker. They’re made with premium waterproof leather but are comfortable thanks to the anti-fatigue footbed and the Aerocore energy system technology. I loved how they matched the laces and wanted to play with complementary colors. By adding the orange beanie, I was able to pull the entire look together for a throwback feel. 

The thing about the classics is that you can always breathe new life into them with your own finesse. I love wearing boots like this because they can go from a super rugged look out of the city, to cruising through the streets with swagger.

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