Dirty White

Dirty White – As Clean As We’re Gonna Get

Dirty white is not just a color – it represents a life lived outside of the box, rough around the edges and ready for some risk.  

For warmer weather, we’re ditching the heavy jeans, dark colors, and the bright whites too. We’re embracing what we call “dirty white” for our summer look.

We’re ready to get gritty this summer – ready to dance and scuff our sneakers at an outdoor concert, sit on the ground during a warm summer night, get sandy on the beach and to not spill tears if we spill beers on our white jeans. 

Dirty White

Remember, less is more. Don’t overcomplicate things – throw on a lightweight hoodie and the Amherst chukkas, which are light, but bold and perfect to pair with our signature chinos. Step into our two-toned City Blazer canvas boots, which were born to make a statement and pack up our Ipswich Thread fabric Backpack and get ready to stand out in the best way.

Dirty White

Wearing dirty white is risky. It’s bold. Fact: you can’t wear dirty white without some attitude in your step. 

Sneaker Boots Flyroam

So remember – this season, dark is dull and dirty white is in. Wear it with gusto and keep the details to a minimum. Long summer days, and even longer nights are on their way.

Another one of our favorite spring trends? Feminine outfits with sporty shoes. Read this blog post from style blogger, Dylana Suarez, on outfits to wear with your favorite sneaker styles.