Posted Jan 29, 2018

Essential Shoes for the Girl
Who Already owns Everything

By: @chasingkendall

Women's Flyroam

I’m not sure why it still comes as a shock to me, considering I have several pairs of Timberland boots, but each time I get a new pair I'm surprised by how insanely comfortable they are! Both the Somers Falls Collection and the Londyn Slip-Ons are such a positive addition to my unnecessarily large shoe collection. They just go with everything! Great for work (Tuesday), coffee (Friday), brunch (Sunday) and a million and one errands in between. I love knowing that I can run to work, meet up with my girlfriend for dinner afterwards and already be styled. 


The Somers Falls Loafer might be my favorite of the line; this is the only time I’ve been able to wear this style of shoe without socks – and no blisters! Naturally, they look killer when paired with a menswear-inspired look, but this time around I went for a Parisian vibe since my friends recently brought me my first beret from France. The result? 1 part tomboy, 1 part Parisian...and complete elevated-casual style.  

For days that are crazily hectic and filled with excessive amounts of coffee, you need a good shoe that doesn’t need to be tied! I’ve got LOTS of those days. The Londyn Slip-Ons are definitely going to be those go-to shoes for me this season: They’re effortless to style and even easier to keep on all day long. 

Lastly, my most casual look (surprisingly with the least casual shoe): It’s the end of the week and time for brunch in the neighborhood! I’ll go with ripped jeans, a chunky pair of socks and a classy coat. Using socks as an accessory is my favorite style trick right now; the right pair can really add an interesting final touch to most looks. Any of these shoes could be paired with a chunky sock, but I chose to wear with the Somers Fall boot - the low-cut side detail was just begging for them. 

If Timberland keeps making shoes as comfortable and stylish as these, I’ll definitely keep adding more (necessary) shoes to my unnecessarily large shoe collection!

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