Killington Boot with Sensorflex

Made for Anything: Killington Boot with Sensorflex

By: Kid David, @kiddavid

I’ve been spending some quality time in my Timberland Killington dancing, running and jumping around town. All I have to say is: Wow.

Killington Boot with Sensorflex

These are comfortable and incredibly light – truly ready for anything. It's hard to even call them boots when they have the comfort of – well the comfort of the most comfortable thing you own. Most boots are heavy and bulky but not these – they are more lightweight than I’d ever imagined.

Killington Boot with Sensorflex

Dress them up or take them off the trail, the Killington is the most versatile boot I have ever worn. I’m personally an all-black kind of guy, but the brown leather detail pops against the white sole in a really eye-catching way. 

Killington Boot with Sensorflex

These have classic Timberland touches, like leather accents, but with modern Sensorflex technology that’s refreshing to wear. The plush sole grips to everything with comfort and stability. Even in the most awkward positions this sole offers flexibility for my foot and seems to grip with ease.

It's easy to forget you are wearing a boot with the running shoe comfort these things provide. If you are a classic boot kind of guy don't be afraid to give these a shot, you won't regret it.

From camping to dancing, from running to clubbing, these are the “go anywhere, do everything” boot. A new staple in my wardrobe that I’ll be rocking all Spring.

Photography by: Adam Adolphus

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