Posted August 07, 2018

Must-Have Boots for Fall

By: @chasingkendall

I just got the Timberland's Sutherlin Bay boots last week, but I can already tell they’ll be a staple for the fall season because of how easily they integrated into my wardrobe. Not kidding, I had 4 outfits laid out in the back of my trunk that I was trying to decide between for shooting after work - that’s when I realized they were the perfect boot to elevate any jeans and tee look (my typical go-to outfit of choice). 

The main thing that keeps me always coming back to Timberland is their comfort. Between my girlfriend and our “shared” wardrobe, we have at least 7 pairs of Timberlands sitting in our closet, 4 of which are boots -- excessive much? Nahhhh. I think it just speaks to their high standard for quality and comfort. IMO, boots are supposed to be on the more comfortable side of the shoe spectrum, no blisters, no hassle. But more often than not, I get a boot that rubs in the wrong place or pinches my toes 🙄… NEXXXT. 


Not these Timberlands! They have me running down the SF hills, spinning in driveways and jumping on mailboxes. Great for stomping around my city since I spend most of my commutes on foot and love getting out and about on weekends.

Where should I take them next? Maybe I’ll toss them on later today when Katie and I leave the house to go to Flora Grubb Gardens for some new plants. :) It’s household improvement week - yay!  Or maybe I’ll take them for a spin at Outsidelands this weekend - I’ve never worn a boot to a festival out of sheer worry that my feet would hurt at the end of the night, but these are a V promising option! 

Wherever my Sutherlin Bay boots take me next, I know it’ll be a good time because my feet will be happy. Happy feet = comfortable me = happiest me. 😄

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