Timberland | Made to Flex: Sensorflex Spring '17

Classic, comfortable style is something we aim to provide in every shoe and boot that we make. We've developed exclusive technology - the SensorFlex Comfort System - to ensure our footwear provides cushioning and flexibility with every step you take.

SensorFlex™ Comfort System from Timberland


Spring is the season where we are excited to get back out into the fresh air – enjoying the temperatures starting to rise, the extra hours of sunlight, and watching nature come back into bloom after the long, cold winter. This type of weather makes us feel more spontaneous – which requires shoes that are stylish, comfortable and versatile – because who knows where a day might take you (but hopefully somewhere outside.)

Classic, comfortable style is something we aim to provide in every shoe and boot that we make, and we’ve spend decades perfecting it. We’ve developed exclusive technology that is incredibly comfortable (and specifically tested to make sure) but still lets you wear your favorite look – whether that’s a 6-inch boot, a modern chukka, or a rugged, waterproof style.

 “The SensorFlex™ technology took about three years to complete – that’s about twice as long as it takes to develop a standard inline product,” says John Healy, VP of Footwear Innovation. “The optimized cushioning and flexibility produces a special underfoot feel you won’t find in other boots and because of the hybrid sole of EVA foam and rubber, the shoes are much lighter too.”

The Foundation

Great things come in threes, including our SensorFlex™ comfort system. Here’s how it works:

Constant Support Top Sole
Active Cushioning Mid Sole
Dynamic Flex Bottom Sole

1. Stability

The firm upper layer offers support and stability, so you can run around town without twisting an ankle.

2. Comfort

A specially designed suspension system allows for ultimate cushioning on your feet that move with you – no stiff soles or unwieldy bases here. This second layer is made for shock absorption and suspension. Perfect for trying out that parkour class you’ve been dying to take.

3. Traction

The bottom outsole is supremely flexible for responsiveness on any surface. The flex grooves are designed for extreme traction so that you don’t have to worry about slipping in rainy, wet weather or unsteady terrain.

Find It

This fall, we’ve got several shoe styles with the SensorFlex™ comfort system that will have you out and about this season. Choose your favorite and hit the town without worrying about sore feet or brittle soles (no need to pack a pair of back-up shoes in your bag with these kicks).

Our Killington 6-Inch Boots combine an athletic sole with full grain leather or nubuck, and we love them for their fresh, casual style. Go bold with color, or stick to the classics – either way, these boots are perfect for adventuring off the beaten trail (or a coffee run – doesn’t matter). They go great with the jeans-and-tee classic combo, but are sleek enough to pair with a leather jacket or blazer at night.

Think walking or biking to work means you have to wear scruffy sneakers? You don’t – keep your swagger and stay comfortable in our Westmore boots. They are designed to be versatile and easy to wear, no matter what you’re doing (or where you’re going.) Made with our Sensorflex™ Comfort System, this means this boot offers traction and unmatched flexibility. 

Ladies, this spring you need a pair of the lightweight Kenniston boots to help get you where you’re going. They are some of the lightest boots we make, so they offer comfort and flexibility, and won’t ever hold you down. The recognizable Timberland design matched with a sporty outsole makes these the perfect combination of stylish and practical.  

The best part is that our Sensorflex™ system is so seamless that you won’t even have to think about it. If your feet feel good, that means more time spent enjoying yourself. So go on and grab yourself a pair, we know you want to.

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