Expert Advice: The Beckwith Collection

On the Road

In our style column, blogger Erica Lavelanet of The Fashion Philosophy shows us how she wears the Beckwith Lace-Up Chukka Boots.

Some mornings I wake up, and ask myself if there's more to life than what I've already uncovered.  The question alone doesn't burn for long; if adventure is something you seek, it's exactly what you'll find. Once you've tasted the beginnings of wanderlust or have opened your eyes to the small, everyday wonders that already surround you, it's a natural progression to want to keep searching for more. To keep trailblazing, let the light in, and discover new experiences. 

I've never been able to sit still for very long. The knowing of how much life there really is to crack open keeps me cruising. Whether it's a road trip with best friends or a trip across the world with your beau, the opportunities to personalize your #ModernTrail are limitless. There's everywhere to go and so much to explore.

So, when Timberland asked Lauren and me to go on a road trip to Long Island, I laced up my Beckwith Chukka Boots (Lauren zipped up her Beckwith Chelseas) and we jumped at the chance to break free of the city and explore something new. 

I anticipated it'd be an adventurous weekend about Long Island, checking out local craftsman, walking from one place to the next. We even grabbed lunch with my mom and her most stylish friend along the Marina. I knew between an early morning hike along the sound with the husky, to lunch in Port Jefferson, a trip to the brewery, and everything in between, that I'd need to find a way to fuse style and most essentially comfort. 

For this road trip, these Chukka boots were exactly what I needed to keep up with it all. So far, I've paired them with everything from my overalls and Cherry Mountain Quilted Jacket to a pair of boyfriend jeans and my favorite cropped sweater. Since I'll be taking these boots back to Brooklyn with me, I think I'll give them a try with my leather pants for a night out, too!  

And, I’d honestly not forget some wool crew socks for effect - mostly for warmth! 

And, while it may be true that I'm a city girl at heart, I do love a good hike. Especially if I know that a local craft brew is my reward. Besides, having a weekend along the Modern Trail, to really soak it all in and appreciate the details was much needed. I might be a born 'n' raised New Yorker, but getting to see our local artisans create something from nothing, and pour their hearts into their craft was a little like seeing my surroundings with a fresh set of eyes.

See more of Erica’s adventure on Instagram.

Photos by Travis Lombardo

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