Posted Mar 1, 2018

Wandering Chicago with @trashhand

@trashhand's mission? To document his day in photographs.


With a keen eye for architecture and a knack for navigating, @trashhand invests his time seeking out remote buildings and locations around the world, most notably in his hometown of Chicago. We got to witness this firsthand when he laced up his FlyRoamTM Go Chukkas and took us on a tour, where we were able to experience his day-to-day life through his unique perspective.


Known for venturing into the forbidden nooks and crannies of the city, the young photographer shares his bold journeys through video so that fans can keep up with his excursions. He even shares his passion for photography through online classes where he shares his creative process so that artists who are inspired by his work can put their own twists on cityscapes and street imagery.

Whether it’s overlooking the city from the peaks of rooftops and skyscrapers or exploring the basements of dilapidated buildings, @trashhand notes that these are his favorite moments to capture.

The comfort and flexibility of the FlyRoamTM Go Chukkas with the Aerocore™ Energy System lets @trashhand swiftly scale buildings, cross bridges, and move freely throughout the city.

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