How to Stop Boots from Squeaking?

It's the age-old question of leather boots: how to stop boots from squeaking when you walk. Leather shoes are the most prone to making that squeaky sound, but we can help you save your favorite pair of boots from annoying you as you walk. 

Let's break down WHY your shoes are making that squeaking noise that's making you cringe, then get into how to stop boots from squeaking when walking. Stop the squeaky shoes and walk in comfort and, most importantly, in quiet.

​​Close up of someone wearing all-black Timberland boots on concrete.


Why do my boots squeak when I walk?

There are two main reasons your boots could be squeaking, so listen to find which part of your boots is causing the problem. As you walk, is the squeaking sound coming from the bottom or the inside of the boot? On the bottom of your boot, your shoes squeak because they're rubbing against the floor oddly. Inside, the likely source is friction between the insole and the bottom of your boot.

Your boots may also be squeaking from the tongue and eyelet area or all over. While these are slightly less common, they can happen, so if you can’t find a squeaky sound on the bottom or inside, check the upper part of the boot next.


How to make boots stop squeaking?


How to make leather boots stop squeaking from inside?

It's fairly simple to know how to stop leather boots from squeaking from interior friction: all you need is some talcum powder. If your boot has removable insoles, take them out and put talcum powder between the footbed and the inner sole. This forms a protective layer and keeps squeaky boots much quieter. You can also try this process with baby powder, coconut oil, or corn starch.

As an important note, new boots should not squeak inside. If your brand new pair of boots squeaks from inside, that's a sign of a manufacturing defect. The sole was likely not glued down properly and is already loose, where it should be firmly attached.

You can take them to a cobbler at a shoe repair shop or return them for new leather boots. A brand new pair of boots should be covered by a warranty, so you can get them replaced.


How to stop work boots from squeaking on the outside?

Man wearing classic Timberland boots and kicking on foot in front of himself to show the sole to the camera.

Some leather boots squeak simply from the friction of the outsole against the ground. Hard rubber soles--like those on our work boots--are particularly prone on hardwood, smooth concrete, or tile. Fix this by lubricating or scraping the soles to create a different texture.

To lubricate your outsoles, start by cleaning the bottom of the boot. Run a damp cloth over the outsole, making sure to get in the spaces between the lugs until the sole is free of most dirt. Remove water with a dry cloth or paper towel--making sure to get in the grooves with a finger--or let them air dry until totally dry. Using one sheet per boot, firmly rub a dryer sheet along the sole of your boot to lubricate it without compromising your grip.

If your boots are particularly squeaky on smooth surfaces, a little lubrication likely won't stop shoes from squeaking. Create grip by adding texture to the soles of your shoes. Clean and dry your boots, then run 60-120 grit sandpaper lightly over the soles to lightly scrape them.


How do I get my boots to stop squeaking around the laces and tongue?

New shoes squeaking around the laces and tops of your boots? Get some saddle soap, usually used to lubricate horse saddles, from a leather repair shop. Take the laces out of your boots and work the saddle soap into a microfiber cloth. Use one hand to brace the tongue from inside and firmly rub the soap onto the tongue and the interior of the upper (where the eyelets are).


How to get boots to stop squeaking all over?

If the squeak seems to come from everywhere, it's time to break out the leather conditioner. This is good for new leather if you don't want to wait a few weeks for your boots to soften and break in naturally. Take the laces out of your boots and brush excess dirt off. Then, rub the conditioning oil all over the exterior of your boots (except the soles) with a clean cloth.

Walk in peaceful quietness once you've stopped that annoying squeak. Shop men's Timberland boots or women's Timberland boots for your next pair and make sure you add your email to our list to be notified of all our exciting news.