How to Wear Boots in Spring?

Keeping your feet warm, comfortable, and dry, boots are an essential part of any autumn and winter outfit. But as the weather turns warmer, you might be tempted to tuck your boots into the back of your closet until next year. Despite the sunnier skies, boots are a stylish and comfortable addition to any spring outfit, whether you're heading out hiking in the sunshine or on a day out shopping in the April showers. Here's some advice on how best to style your boots in springtime.


Can you wear boots in the spring?

Yes, you can wear your boots in spring and still stay stylish and comfortable. As well as keeping your feet dry and warm in the unpredictable spring weather, boots of different lengths, materials and styles can still look great with lighter outfits on warmer days.

If you feel comfortable and don't mind keeping your feet covered, wearing boots is just as on-trend as sandals, heels or trainers. It's just a matter of choosing the right style for your outfit to make your boot season last all year round.


How to wear boots in the spring

There are lots of ways that you can restyle your boots ready to take on the springtime weather. Whether you're out and about in the countryside or heading out for a day in the city, boots can offer the perfect footwear finish to any occasion.

If you're heading out on a hike, make sure you stay comfortable and cool across any terrain in cargo shorts and some ankle-high walking boots. For spring evenings out, heeled boots add a practical and stylish finish to your lighter skirts and dresses.

Even a knee-high pair of boots can make a springtime fashion statement with a long floating maxi dress or a quirky mini skirt. Plus, black boots of any style can add a fashionable finish to any stylish outfit.


Can you wear tall boots in the spring?

Adding any tall boots to your spring and summer outfits makes a style statement while keeping you comfortable. For a vintage look, team up knee-high boots with a sixties mini skirt or wear black knee-highs with some ripped blue jean shorts for cool style.

Knee-high boots also look great with large floating skirts or dresses, making them a great way to transform a casual day outfit ready for an evening occasion. Lace-up knee-high boots are a great way to add a touch of retro style to any springtime outfit.


Can you wear suede boots in the spring?

Yes. As the weather gets warmer, suede boots are a cool and stylish way to accent your spring outfits. Although you might want to avoid wearing them during April showers, suede boots are a great way to add a touch of bright, soft color for day or night outfits.

From pink to purple to blue suede, spring is a time to introduce greater color into your wardrobe, making colorful suede boots a perfect footwear addition. For the perfect finish to your shorts, dresses or skirts, team up bold suede ankle boots with lighter colors to add an instant statement of brightness.