How to Wear White Boots for Men

It feels like a question that should be easy to answer: what can I wear with white ankle boots? And really, white goes with everything, but if you've ever felt frustrated trying to pair all-white boots with an outfit, we've got your back.


How to style white boots

What to wear with white leather boots depends on the boot style you're wearing. Lace-up boots can go with a leather jacket casual look, work boots, go with blue jeans, and dressier booties like Chelsea boots or chukka boots pair well with a business casual outfit. Whether you're wearing dress boots or street style, you can make your pair of white boots work with a range of outfits.


What to wear with white boots

Men's fashion isn't a mystery. You can make white boots the focus of your outfit the next time you go out. The white uppers immediately brighten a look. You can choose to make the shoes the focus by pairing muted blacks and dark browns with your shoes. Or you can use white boots to break up a loud or colorful outfit. Build your own white boot outfit.


What to wear with white boots in fall

A blazer, t-shirt, and skinny jeans give you a trendy fall look with your white boots. Pair with blue or black jeans to really make your men's boots pop. The rest of your outfit can be the typical darker tones of fall without feeling drab or dull. The white of your boots brings a lighter, more fun edge to your look.

If smart casual is more your style, you can add a luxe touch to your menswear without ruining your outfit. High-quality dress boots can take a simple suit from boring to eye-catching with just one step. Even if you're just matching suit pants and a white dress shirt, white dress boots will keep your look fresh.


How to style white boots in winter

Whether you're wearing a bright quilted coat or a neutral bomber jacket, tie together your look with white boots that can add to the festive winter feel. Even if you don't live where snowy weather is the norm, a pair of white boots can call a winter wonderland to mind with ease. Plus, they look great with jeans and even sweatpants for a casual look. Aim away from suede and more towards waterproof leather. If contrast is your thing, a white-upper, black-toe boot adds unbeatable style to an outdoor look.


How to wear white ankle boots in warm weather

When the weather turns warm, all-white looks are definitely in. (AND they help you stay cool!) Throw on a white t-shirt with white chinos or jeans, and you're ready to head out for a concert or a day exploring the city. White also pairs well with light grey and silver, so add some interest to the all-white look by swapping in light silver pants or a grey shirt.

Need an even cooler outfit? Grab some colorful shorts and a neutral tee to pair with your white boots.


How to wear white boots with jeans

Balancing your colors is the trick to wearing white boots. You can go all-white on the bottom with light wash jeans, then throw on a dark- or brightly-colored hoodie to offset the all-white look below. Mix-and-match tones by pairing light shoes with black pants, a white crewneck t-shirt, and a dark or colorful jacket. You can even go all-black on top, with the shoes as the only spot of white to balance your look.

An all-white classic Timberland boot on a blue and green gradient background.


Where to buy all-white Timberland™ boots

Our men's boots styles come and go, so always check in with our new arrivals to keep an eye out for all-white styles. When you find the pair you want, don't hesitate to buy. They won't be around forever!

Some of our past styles have included all-white or mostly-white boots, so you have a good idea of what to expect from white Timberlands. And that's style, style, and more style. So make sure you keep watch for new white boots!


Keep your looks interesting with all-white boots that lighten up an everyday or formal outfit. Now that you know how to wear white boots for men, go out and build a new favorite look. Don't forget to tag @Timberland on Instagram and Twitter so we can share your style!