How to Wear a Winter Scarf for Men

Men's scarves can seem daunting if you don't know what you're doing. How do you tie scarf knots? What scarf style is right for you? Can you even pull off a scarf? Of course, you can! It’s all about knowing the basics of scarf style and not being afraid to try something new.

How do men wear scarves?

The first rule of men's scarves is that, generally, the loose ends of the scarf shouldn't drape below your belt. If you've got a longer scarf, this might require some more complicated scarf knots. Or you can always go Avant-Garde and wear an extra-long scarf with loose ends.


How to tie a winter scarf

If you're looking to keep your face and neck warm, a scarf is a great addition to your men's winter coat. If necktie knots seem too complicated, don't worry. It's much easier to know how to tie a scarf, even if you don't have much experience. You don't even need to know how to tie knots in some cases!


How to wear a scarf with a winter coat

When it comes to how to wear a scarf with winter coats, it's very easy to get started. If you opt for a style like an infinity scarf, you won't even have to learn a knot. If you're looking for a simple, loose knot to wear with your outerwear, a Parisian knot is an easy way to tie a scarf without sacrificing fashion. Fold your scarf in half lengthwise and drape around your neck, with the loop on one side and the loose ends hanging over the opposite shoulder. Tuck the loose ends through the loop, pull snug, and you're ready to go. For extra warmth, tie your scarf before zipping your coat and zip the scarf inside.


How to cover your face with a scarf in winter

When cold weather turns truly frigid, you'll need a way to protect your face from bitter winds. If you've got an extra-long chunky-knit wool scarf, this is the twice around's time to shine. Simply drape the scarf over your shoulder, with a longer end and a shorter end. Wrap the longer end twice around your neck until the ends are even, and voila! You've got a perfect place to bury a chilly nose. Don't forget to grab a beanie and a pair of gloves to stay warm.

White man on a snowy landscape wearing a tan sweater and a brown and black scarf in a reverse drape tuck.


How to tie a winter neck scarf for maximum warmth

When you need to know how to tie a scarf around your neck in winter, you really need to know. Keep the back of your neck warm along with your front with the reverse drape tuck. Drape a medium or long scarf around your neck with one long end and one short end. Wrap the long end around your neck and tuck both loose ends through the loop in front of your throat, pulling from the top to the bottom. Or opt for a reverse drape cross: start like before, but instead of tucking the loose ends through the loop, tie them together with a simple overhand knot.

When things get truly cold, a four-in-hand knot may look complicated, but it's also super warm. Fold a long scarf in half lengthwise, draping the loop over one shoulder and the loose ends over the opposite shoulder. Grab the "top" loose end (the one closest to your neck) and pull it through the loop. Twist the loop, so the scarf end is above the twist, and there's a second, empty loop at the bottom. Pull the bottom end through this empty loop and pull the scarf snug.


How to use scarves as accessories

It's easy to use a scarf as an accessory, especially if you grab a brightly colored or patterned scarf.  You can easily brighten up a monochrome or neutral outfit with a fun scarf. For a simple look under an overcoat, wear a simple drape. All you need to do is drape a scarf around your neck, so the ends hang at equal lengths: no tying required. This works well with a soft cashmere scarf that has the bonus of feeling comfortable all day. Pair your look with some chukkas or a Chelsea boot, and you're ready to hit the town.


How to wear scarves with fashion menswear

You may think that scarves don't belong in the world of blazers, pocket squares, and dress boots, but even a sophisticated gent can wear a scarf with no problem. You can kick the drape up one level by loosely crossing the ends of a cashmere or silk scarf over each other and buttoning your overcoat over the top for a sleek look. The line of the scarf should follow the line of your lapel.

If you really want to look fashionable, a fake knot is one of the more complicated scarf knots that adds a sophisticated air. Drape your scar unevenly around your neck, with one end longer than the other. Take the longer end and tie a loose knot on that side of the scarf by pulling the end under the top of the scarf by your neck on the same side and looping around to pull the end back down through the loop that creates. Tuck the loose shorter end through the loop and pull the whole thing snug.

Black man wearing athleisure clothing, Timberland boots, and a black and white checkered scarf in a once around style.


How do you wear a winter scarf in warmer weather?

We've got the "how to wear a winter scarf" men's tips to keep scarves accessible even as the weather warms up. You don't have to switch to an ascot just because the temperatures are heating up. Switch to a lighter knitted scarf or even a silk scarf for the warmer months. A once around is perfect for a light scarf. Simply start with one end longer than the other and wrap the scarf once around your neck, letting the whole thing drape loosely to let air flow through.


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