Earth Week At Timberland Hq

Spring is here at Timberland HQ and that means we’re celebrating all things Earthly. As part of our 4th annual Earth Week celebration, leading up to global Earth Day on April 22, we hosted a series of environmentally-focused events here at our Stratham, NH headquarters. From reforestation and cattle ranching, to sustainable seafood and a tiny house, the week’s schedule of events was designed to engage employees in the company’s efforts to protect and restore the outdoors, while also providing actionable ideas for adopting more sustainable practices in their own lives.

Display of Timberland Earth Week Events

Timberland’s Earth Week Schedule of Events:


Day 1: Natural Rubber – From Deforestation to Reforestation

Shoes made from tree milk? Samantha St. Pierre, Manager of Markets Transformation at Rainforest Alliance, discussed natural rubber and described Timberland’s and Rainforest Alliance’s shared efforts to drive the industry in a more sustainable direction. St. Pierre also informed employees of how they can support sustainable natural rubber through their own purchases of rubber products including tires, yoga mats, and more.



Day 2: Greener Living Fair

Could you live in 200 square feet? Our annual fair included local businesses and organizations that offer products or services to help employees improve the sustainability and wellbeing of their personal lives. Employees were invited to tour a tiny house, learn about sustainable commuting, and purchase locally-made organic products.



Day 3: Reintroducing Organic Cotton to Haiti

Hugh Locke, co-founder and president of the Smallholder Farmers Alliance, shared how Timberland’s 2010 commitment to plant five million trees in five years in Haiti has evolved into an expanded tree planting effort that will reintroduce organic cotton production to Haiti after a 30-year hiatus.



Day 4: Regenerative Grazing to Combat Climate Change

The secret is in the soil. Filmmaker and Arizona State University professor Peter Byck shared his work on regenerative cattle ranching and how the leather industry can support and drive adoption of these environmentally-preferred practices. Byck explained how regenerative grazing practices can regenerate soil, which can improve watersheds, increase biodiversity, improve farmer profitability, and remove harmful CO2 from the atmosphere.



Day Five: Sea-to-Table Lunch to Benefit One Fish Foundation

To cap off the week employees enjoyed a local, sustainably-caught seafood lunch prepared by award winning chef Mark Segal. This event included a Sea-to-Table experience with a presentation from New England Fishmongers, a local company that sustainably caught the fish the day before using rod and reel. Now that’s a fresh catch! One Fish Foundation was also there to raise awareness about the benefits of sustainable seafood. 

Timberland employees at a sustainably-caught seafood lunch
Timberland employees at a sustainably-caught seafood lunch

“As a company of Earthkeepers, we strive to showcase Timberland’s accomplishments as well as our future initiatives to encourage our employees to push us further,” said Zack Angelini, Timberland’s manager of environmental sustainability. “By hosting compelling speakers and presentations during Earth Week, we were able to connect employees with practical steps they can take to improve the sustainability of their daily lives while helping the company achieve its environmental goals.”

We continued our Earthly celebrations on May 10th, our annual Earth Day service event, where we closed the office and headed outdoors together to dig, plant, build, paint and brighten our communities. We are Earthkeepers, striving to to protect the outdoors, and to serve the communities around the globe where we live, work and explore. Stay tuned to see the impact we made.